Monday, September 29, 2008

a few of Ava's favorite things (part two)

6. "Shake." That is what we call it when we put spinach, water, frozen berries and orange juice in a blender. Ava loves this drink and always has.

7. Reading books. As you can see, she is an advanced reader, Tolkien upside down takes savvy!

8. And Ava loves her new baby.
Ava also loves to give kisses.

9. EATING!!! This girl can pack away the groceries! Here is something she loves a lot: yogurt and berries.

10. Being outside with her brothers! And they are so cute with her.

A few more things that do not fit neatly in the top ten and of which I do not have current pictures include: 1) her bed! She has always been perfectly happy at bedtime and nap time and spends a bit of time in there after sleeping just "hanging out." Many times when I go to get Ava out of bed, she wants to stay in (but have me "hang out" too). 2) Sunday School! Mike and I are teaching the toddler class this year and Ava is such a little helper. The other toddlers are still warming up to the idea and Ava loves to pass out everything (shakers, snack, papers etc.), clean up everything, and tell the others what to do. It is really cute. 3) Me! I think I (momma) am her favorite :).


Anonymous said...

I loved looking into the toddler class last Sunday and seeing you guys with all the little ones. Precious! I know you guys enjoy that age, too! Thanks for volunteering to lead the class. If I weren't in 3/4, I'd want to be in with you guys!!

KAMILLE said...

I'm glad you posted your top ten and then some of Ava. It's sweet to know how similar it seems our girls are to one another. She sure is a sweetie and how great to have wonderful big brothers.

Joyce said...

I see that Ava is advanced in her baby-holding techniques, as well as her reading abilities. :)

The shake idea is awesome. I wish I would have done that with some of mine who were reluctant to eat veggies.

What a sweet little girl your Ava is. :)

amy said...

Marmee, I LOVE that YOU are teaching in Aidan's class, that is awesome. We are having a lot of fun with the sweet toddlers.