Wednesday, September 24, 2008

our daddy, the genius

Every one is so excited that it is difficult to get a good picture.
We are excited because our daddy is so smart! We have been having a problem with our chicken feeder. For some reason our foolish chickens perch on the feeder and allow certain byproducts (not eggs) fall into their food! Gross! Enter Mike's killer invention.
He cut off the bottom of a plastic bird bath we had in a pile to take to the dump and after drilling holes in it, attached it to the top of the feeder. Now if a particularly ridiculous chicken decides to perch and release, the "stuff" will clear the food tray and fall to the ground!

Yay Daddy! You are so smart and we are so thankful for all your hard work.


KAMILLE said...

I love the last photo as the kids are equally as proud of their daddy's invention.

Rebecca M said...

Dremel? Didn't Mike use the Dremel to work this miracle of chicken science?