Thursday, September 11, 2008

ava, in my shoes

Ava works hard all day every day.

Isn't that shirt cute? Grandma D (or is it Gramma?) brought it back from Italy.

Ava is so fun. I love to see the things she mimics, the ways in which she acts just like me. When Ava sees a mess like crayons out of the box or little toys out of the bin, she sings the clean up song that I taught her as she diligently cleans up.

There are some ways in which she does more than mimic me --she improves on me.

Do you see it? High heels. She is wearing heels as she works in the kitchen!
You may be wondering how she even found a pair of heels in this house. I do own one pair but I never wear them because... well because I cannot work it like my girl!


Stacy said...

That's hilarious! (And I'm SHOCKED you even own a pair of high heels.)

...Are you sure you're my friend Amy?

Flats, girl. That's what we wear! :)


Rebecca M said...

Ava! What a big girl you are!! Are you playing in a bin of rice? We love to do that at our house. Love the choice of footwear!!