Thursday, December 10, 2009

our most quotable

Ethan lives life at 1.3 times normal speed. This is just a little bit faster than the rest of us in the real world. When you live in a different world than everyone else, it helps to define the rules in this world.

Recently we had to remind Ethan to wash his hands after using the bathroom. After going back and obeying he returned and offered an explanation for his negligence. Quite often when Ebo opens his mouth we say to ourselves that we should be writing this stuff down.

This time we actually did.

When you say this in your head, you need to use an Ebo voice and say it much faster than necessary.

"There is a fire-fighter go pee: you don't wash your hands or flush because you got to get to the fire."

"There is the rescue go pee: Do flush the toilet but don't wash your hands 'cause you have to rescue someone out of the sea or somthin'."

"And the just play go pee: you do flush and wash hands and turn the light off and put the towel back and then go play."