Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hey momma

Ethan: Hey momma, guess what I am.

Mom: Super man?

Ethan: Nope.

Mom: Spider man, a ninja, a warrior, a super hero....?

Ethan: Nope.

Mom: Well, what are you.

Ethan: (in his "duh" voice) I'm Ethan. With a mask on.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oh man; my littlest man

Can you believe this guy?  He is so squishy and delightful. 

Justus is a complete momma's boy and always wants to be right where I am. 

This is one way that I have found to keep him occupied so that I can get the dishes done or make a meal.

My J-bear.  Busy, busy.  Learning to walk, communicate, make messes, command attention and show love.  {And take really great pictures!}

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ava swims

So much of parenting is learning more and more about your children. For the last couple of weeks during swimming lessons I have learned a new side of Ava's personality.

Ava is almost always by my side. In our day to day life she is my buddy, we do almost everything together.

I was therefore very surprised at Ava's independence and outgoing personality at swimming lessons. She went right into the pool on day one, did everything that was asked of her (including several jumps off the diving board) and excelled. She enjoyed every moment of it.

We found it amusing that out of the ten kids in Ava's class (two of which cried the whole time) she was the only girl! Maybe that is why she felt so comfortable! And can you believe how cute this girl is?!