Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hey momma

Ethan: Hey momma, guess what I am.

Mom: Super man?

Ethan: Nope.

Mom: Spider man, a ninja, a warrior, a super hero....?

Ethan: Nope.

Mom: Well, what are you.

Ethan: (in his "duh" voice) I'm Ethan. With a mask on.


Cutzi said...

Ohhhh.... that Ethan. Cracks me up.

Carolynn said...

Should have known....

McJason's said...

:)...too cute!

Rebecca M said...

Nice mask, Ethan! Way to go making your momma smile!

Stacy said...

Thanks for so faithfully commenting on my blog, friend.

I keep checking in here to see if YOU have any new posts up (pictures of your new homeschooling area, perhaps? of one or more of your FIVE cute children? of your cute self?) But, alas... no new posts.

Love you.
Excited to see you SOON!