Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my boys and science

The "habitat" assignment reads: "Rope off a 1 square-yard area in your backyard and carefully examine it."

This is not exactly how I pictured it. But I like it.


Stacy said...

I love that first picture! :)

Heck, skip the "examine" part. Let's just HAMMER! :)

Carolynn said...

We are doing My Father's World too!! Yeah I am excited. My kids didn't do it like that~I love it.

amy said...

Stace, I love it too. Those boys are so fun! (I am saying this to myself as I pick splinters out of the grass!)

Hi Carolynn, there is little better than being excited about the schoolwork we get to do with our kids!

We are not doing MFW though. This assignment was from Ken Ham's science program:

It is our first time doing it but so far so good!
Hope you guys are having fun getting back into routine!

Jamie~Lynn said...

I LOVE how they "carefully examine" the area in picture number 1!:) Too cute, Amy!