Sunday, October 18, 2009

a few grins

This little guy has eyes for his momma. I wish I could say these grins were directed at me, but it's not like I supply his food or anything. Besides, someone has to be in charge if maximizing the in-focus area in such shallow depth of field.

Same story. Momma is camera left this time.

Of course this grin isn't really directed at me either. More the camera. At least the grin is pointed at me. This was taken during a really fun vacation with some good friends. I have a whole bunch of pictures from then that I will sometime get around to posting.

This is not so much a smile as much as what happens when a 4 year old watches "Two Towers" with his older brothers twice through in its entirety on a six-hour road trip . I'm pretty sure he's shooting an arrow at me.

But I don't fear his imaginary arrows. Not even a bit.

I mean seriously... How does he even see through those things, let alone aim his imaginary bow?