Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the verse our family is committing to memory right now

"Be watchful,

stand firm in the faith,

act like men, be strong.

Let all that you do be done in love."

1 Corinthians 16:13

Friday, August 22, 2008

What the ????

"Mama, I need HELP!"

"Oh my gosh Mike, come look at this."

"Wha--oh man. Ebo, what did you do"

"Um. I dunno?" (said w/ upward inflection at the end as if to suggest he's not sure if that's the appropriate answer. hint: it isn't)

**Mike asks Ebo to maintain his precarious position for just a little bit longer so he can go get the camera**

If you know what that is [kid potty seat] then you are laughing with me. I can only imagine the series of choices made to end up with *that* thing around your head--and with an arm poked through for good measure.

I wonder how many kids have had to suffer untold discomfort and embarrasment while parents ran to get the camera.

I bet blogging has increased that discomfort by quite a large multiple.

egg-citing stuff

Some of our first eggs!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

things I don't want to forget; aidan part 2

Last month, Mike took Aidan and Luke to a baseball game. Prior to that, baseball was not really on Aidan’s radar. He was a football guy. However since watching the professionals in action, Aidan now enjoys playing baseball guy. There is a slight difference between playing baseball (as most people do) and baseball guy (as my boy does).

Baseball guy is a game that can be played alone.

You need the right gear of course (don’t worry about how hot it is outside).

Throw to yourself and catch it.

Slide to the plate, tag the other guy out… whatever the game may call for, you are the man!

Most important for this game: you need to be comfortable talking to yourself!

Monday, August 18, 2008

the way my boys play

Seeing Luke in the garden harvesting goodies, I asked him how things were going.
It is not uncommon to see the boys enjoying a snack from the garden, they often do. It is also not uncommon to see them dressed entirely inappropriate for the weather.
You see they dress according to the game –not the weather. They see their clothing as gear. So if a particular game calls for shorts, they will wear shorts even if there is snow outside. Likewise, if a game requires (as in this case) snow hats (helmets), long pants and boots they will wear it even if it is 80 degrees outside. The gear takes precedence over personal comfort (and how much laundry momma has to do).
Luke and Aidan explained to me that they are army guys. They need to store food for the winter. So they are picking all the peas, beans and blueberries they can.
I thought it was great (what mom wouldn't) and Ava and I went to do girl things (at this moment we are pouting).
Later that day however, I heard the rest of the game plan. These soldiers decided that it would be best to bury their food stores, so that the snow does not ruin it. Here it is.
Do I leave it buried?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

one of my favorite things about my husband

Aside from his good looks, Mike has many qualities for which I am so, so thankful.
He knows how to play. How to be silly. How to have a good time.
Mike is willing to fully commit to playing, he is not worried about what other people might be thinking.

And he has a really good time as a result.

It sure relaxes this sometimes-uptight momma.

And allows me to have fun too!

So thankful.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

things i don't want to forget; lukers addition

Oh Lukers. This boy of mine sure delights me. I mean, really? I get to be his mom?!
He is tough, watch out bad guys.
Luke is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He will do what needs done.
He is funny and knows how to be silly. He won’t admit it, but he loves making us all laugh.
Luke is a hard worker. He is so diligent and really delights to work with his hands. I can count on him to finish what he starts and to do it well.
Luke is such a good brother. He is loyal to his boys.
And soft and loving with his sister.
In fact, he is so reliable when it comes to helping me with Ava. Luke is the one who sits next to her in the car because he is really good at caring for her needs while we are driving.
Luke works hard to make the two years and two weeks of age that separate he and Aidan a non-issue. People often ask us if they are twins.
Luke is smart. He is already reading and he takes the time to understand things thoroughly.
There is one last thing about Luke that I want to mention but it is hard for me to put into words.

Saying that Luke is sensitive is the closest I can come but I do not think that is exactly it. Luke is the one in our family that will come up to me if I am frustrated and say, “I am sorry momma that you are having a hard time...” He notices (in a boy way) those around him and picks up on what they are feeling or going through.
Luke is a wonderful complex combination of qualities and our family is so rich because of him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

things i don't want to forget; aidan addition

Aidan is a wolf this year in cub scouts.
One of his requirements for rank is to get his own library card. I had no idea how excited he would be about this. Before we left the house the morning after, Aidan ensured his card was in my purse, lest we leave home without it!
As we drove home he admired his new card and discussed where he should keep his card so that it would be ready for him whenever he may need it. As we talked about his being responsible for the books on his card and returning them on time Aidan came up with a great idea to help. Aidan’s plan is to have me take a picture of all of the books he checked out, print it, and then tape it to the garage door. “This way I can easily see what books I need to return!”
Oh. I forgot to warn you. Aidan tends to get pretty focused on whatever is his current passion. Right now, soldiers. At first he had twice this many books (on the same subject of course), but I put a limit on it.
Which reminds me: it was so cute when while we were at the library Aidan went up to the librarian to ask her help to find ALL the books they had on present day soldiers.
One will do anything for a passion!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

things i don't want to forget; ethan addition

My Ethan.
He is such a treasure. Some day he will not be three and I want to remember every tiny detail (maybe not every one) about the magic of Ethan at three years old.
Like his imagination.
He says he is fishing.
Here, he told me he was a "going guy" upon further questioning, I found out this means that he is in a parade.
I love how Ethan can be so strong and tough yet so soft at the same time. (Here holding a baby kangaroo, Joey).Ethan is fearless.
Here he is with his grandpa on a motorcycle (a dream come true).
He also can be remarkably gentle (even when Ava tries to push him around).
Ethan is such a good cuddler. He gives super good hugs and kisses. And he makes the funniest faces.
There are many things that I don't have pictures of that I want to remember.
*Every Sunday after the Worship service, Ethan likes to go up to the pastor, shake his hand and share a word or two.
*He tells me he likes my face all the time.
*He has really big muscles, see...
*He has a special place in his heart for Miss Adia Moon...
*He told us that he wants to be a giraffe when he grows up (if the motorcycle guys thing doesn't work out I guess) and ride a horsie.
*He is very tactile. He often pets our faces or hair and get so distracted by it that he forgets what he was saying.
*He is turning out to be a picky eater. Poor guys doesn't stand a chance in this family if he stays picky!
*The other day as some friends were following us home from church, Ethan turned around and said, "I see a deacon!" "A deacon?" We asked. "Are you sure it is not an elder?" "No!" He replied with excitement. "It's a deacon!" For the record he was wrong, it was neither.
My easiest baby (so far), my hardest toddler (so far), my sweet E-bo.
I am so thankful to the Lord for such a blessing.