Sunday, August 3, 2008

not so helpful help

Remember when I wrote about how excited I am to have Ava’s help? There is more to that story.
This is Ava “helping” with the dishes.
She removes them from the cupboard and takes them in the stroller (we are borrowing from our dear friends, thanks guys!) and stashes them places. I have found dishes in the living room, the bedrooms, in closets, and in my shoes!
Little sweetie. Oh well, it doesn’t bother me... but when you come over, make sure you look in your glass before you drink. You never know where it’s been!


Stacy said...

What I love so much about that stroller-full-of-dishes picture is that her baby is also crammed in there, beneath all those dishes!

Sweet Ava girl. She's so cute.


Jodi said...

Amy!!! You are SO blogging!

At least, I'm assuming this is Amy masquerading as Mike, and not actually Mike himself. :) I'm so happy you're blogging!

And your Ava is so cute. I love the picture of the dishes precariously balanced on the stroller. That definitely looks like the help of a one-year old!

Rebecca M said...

I, too, am so excited to see your fun pictures and posts here, Amy! Really excited!! And Ava is darling. She's learning how to take care of her dishes from her sweet mama.

You are a good little home maker, Ava!

amy said...

Hi friends.

Ok I guess technically I am blogging (and I don't know how to change it not to read "by Mike").

But for my sanity, I am limiting myself to only post family scrapbook type stuff. Things I want to print in a book for the family to enjoy. Otherwise I get too riled up about issues and expressing my opinions in blogville if you know what I mean (which you do because you guys know me!).

So, you may get bored with the posts as they will always be (at least when it is me posting) a bit myopic!

But I love you friends and thank you for thinking my kids are cute. I sure do!

And I am glad that you are blogging Stacy and Jodi because I love reading!

Rebecca? Now it's your turn!

Joyce said...

Hi, Amy,

It was fun seeing your beautiful place in person, and the kiddos in action.

I can see that Ava is really going to be a wonderful helper, probably sooner than we think! :)