Saturday, August 9, 2008

things i don't want to forget; lukers addition

Oh Lukers. This boy of mine sure delights me. I mean, really? I get to be his mom?!
He is tough, watch out bad guys.
Luke is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He will do what needs done.
He is funny and knows how to be silly. He won’t admit it, but he loves making us all laugh.
Luke is a hard worker. He is so diligent and really delights to work with his hands. I can count on him to finish what he starts and to do it well.
Luke is such a good brother. He is loyal to his boys.
And soft and loving with his sister.
In fact, he is so reliable when it comes to helping me with Ava. Luke is the one who sits next to her in the car because he is really good at caring for her needs while we are driving.
Luke works hard to make the two years and two weeks of age that separate he and Aidan a non-issue. People often ask us if they are twins.
Luke is smart. He is already reading and he takes the time to understand things thoroughly.
There is one last thing about Luke that I want to mention but it is hard for me to put into words.

Saying that Luke is sensitive is the closest I can come but I do not think that is exactly it. Luke is the one in our family that will come up to me if I am frustrated and say, “I am sorry momma that you are having a hard time...” He notices (in a boy way) those around him and picks up on what they are feeling or going through.
Luke is a wonderful complex combination of qualities and our family is so rich because of him.


Anonymous said...

It is great that you are blogging again. It's so smart that you did this for each of your kids. You can look back and see how they grow and mature. And isn't it amazing how different each one is? Ah, Luke, the quiet one. And a reader already?? I didn't know that. You're a good mom, Amy. You know your kids so well. You all are SUCH a neat family! You and Mike are very blessed!! And we are blessed to have you in our church.

Joyce said...

I enjoy reading your posts about each of your children, too, Amy. Like Marmee said, it is AMAZING how different each one is. Chronicling these special times is such a good idea. :)

amy said...

Marmee. You are so sweet, thank you for the encouragment. You want to know something funny about Luke that I did not add to this post? He is my biggest chatter box of all at home (with me). When other people are around he is quiet, but with just us at home he is chatting with me, Aidan or Mike!

Joyce. Thank you too for your encouragement. It means a lot. You know more than most (with 9 personalities) how different God makes his children I am sure. It must be really interesting as they become teenagers to see what things you "pegged" correctly and what things you assumed wrong.
I also often wonder how much changes as the family changes. When an only child becomes an oldest and the baby becomes the big brother or sister... it is all so interesting!

Jake and Talia said...

You are an amazing photographer...all your pictures are better than I've ever seen a non-pro!

Mike said...

Thanks. I shoot a Canon 5D that my wife and all her friends laugh about as I lug the huge thing around anywhere. But it does take good pictures. In my case it's more about gear than skills.

Though I'd also say it's hard to take a bad picture of our Lukers.

KAMILLE said...

Hi Amy--I didn't know you had a blog. Your posts are great to read. Your kids are blessed to have a positive mom looking at their strengths and praising/encouraging them through it. It seems like Luke has a gift of empathy--that's a blessing. kamille