Wednesday, August 6, 2008

things i don't want to forget; aidan addition

Aidan is a wolf this year in cub scouts.
One of his requirements for rank is to get his own library card. I had no idea how excited he would be about this. Before we left the house the morning after, Aidan ensured his card was in my purse, lest we leave home without it!
As we drove home he admired his new card and discussed where he should keep his card so that it would be ready for him whenever he may need it. As we talked about his being responsible for the books on his card and returning them on time Aidan came up with a great idea to help. Aidan’s plan is to have me take a picture of all of the books he checked out, print it, and then tape it to the garage door. “This way I can easily see what books I need to return!”
Oh. I forgot to warn you. Aidan tends to get pretty focused on whatever is his current passion. Right now, soldiers. At first he had twice this many books (on the same subject of course), but I put a limit on it.
Which reminds me: it was so cute when while we were at the library Aidan went up to the librarian to ask her help to find ALL the books they had on present day soldiers.
One will do anything for a passion!


Stacy said...

Cute! Imagine if the librarian had taken him up on that request-- that'd be a LOT of books to take home!

I like your Ethan-Aidan Editions, so far! :)

Very fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Aidan gets to be a Boy Scout!! He looks so grown up in that uniform, too, YIKES!!

Sorry, I don't have any soldier books for him, fresh out of those around here. But I DO have some Box Car Children books......when he gets interested in those types of stories!!

Joyce said...

That opportunity to focus on subjects of interest, and go into them in depth, is one of the best benefits of learning at home, and one that I miss THE MOST!

Aidan sounds so much like our first child in his focus. The results of such focused learning are truly amazing. :)

amy said...

Stacy, he seriously would bring home all they have! But you know Aidan!

Marmee, something about a man in uniform eh?!
We DO still want to buy those box car books! Such a great deal. We just have to remember at the right time! Maybe we should have you over for mojitos!

Joyce, I agree! I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach at home. I know things would not go so well for Aidan if he was learning beside peers all day long!

Thanks for saying hi ladies!