Tuesday, August 5, 2008

things i don't want to forget; ethan addition

My Ethan.
He is such a treasure. Some day he will not be three and I want to remember every tiny detail (maybe not every one) about the magic of Ethan at three years old.
Like his imagination.
He says he is fishing.
Here, he told me he was a "going guy" upon further questioning, I found out this means that he is in a parade.
I love how Ethan can be so strong and tough yet so soft at the same time. (Here holding a baby kangaroo, Joey).Ethan is fearless.
Here he is with his grandpa on a motorcycle (a dream come true).
He also can be remarkably gentle (even when Ava tries to push him around).
Ethan is such a good cuddler. He gives super good hugs and kisses. And he makes the funniest faces.
There are many things that I don't have pictures of that I want to remember.
*Every Sunday after the Worship service, Ethan likes to go up to the pastor, shake his hand and share a word or two.
*He tells me he likes my face all the time.
*He has really big muscles, see...
*He has a special place in his heart for Miss Adia Moon...
*He told us that he wants to be a giraffe when he grows up (if the motorcycle guys thing doesn't work out I guess) and ride a horsie.
*He is very tactile. He often pets our faces or hair and get so distracted by it that he forgets what he was saying.
*He is turning out to be a picky eater. Poor guys doesn't stand a chance in this family if he stays picky!
*The other day as some friends were following us home from church, Ethan turned around and said, "I see a deacon!" "A deacon?" We asked. "Are you sure it is not an elder?" "No!" He replied with excitement. "It's a deacon!" For the record he was wrong, it was neither.
My easiest baby (so far), my hardest toddler (so far), my sweet E-bo.
I am so thankful to the Lord for such a blessing.


Shannon said...

I can't wait to meet your beautiful kids in just a couple of days!! I have been reading up on them in your blog and Ethan sounds like such a sweetheart :)

~Cousin Shannon

Mike said...

I wish you could see how big my smile is after reading this. I'm so glad you're taking the time to write this stuff down. You are such a good wife, mother, and Lord-willing, future Grandma. It's stuff like this that remind me why you're my hero.

Anonymous said...

Sniffling over here as I read what Mike wrote.

Yes, we love Ebo around here, too. After church we have a couple rounds of Ebo stories and have a good laugh.

Just think, the Lord gave Ebo to you, you get to be the mom to this NEAT kid!!!

amy said...

Shannon! Hi! We are looking forward to seeing you too.

Wow, Mike, thanks! Come home :).

Marmee. We sure missed you Sunday! I know, right?! I am so, so thankful that the Lord chose me for Ethan, for Mike, for all my kids. I am so blessed!

Jodi said...

What a sweet boy...the "going guy" made me laugh. It reminds me of something I'd hear at our house too. :)

I love that you know you just want to stick to family scrapbook sorts of posts. Thanks for sharing with us!

Rebecca M said...

This is a really sweet post, Amy. I try to write down things like this too that I want to remember! Your comments about Ethan's tactile-ness are interesting... Michael is sooo this way, the snuggliest one of our group by far. But he really does get distracted mid-sentence if something nearby is of a fun texture to touch. I'd love to compare notes on these special guys.

amy said...

Rebecca! That is funny to hear Michael is the same way. It is exactly as you said. He will be telling a story and then start petting my legs, or Mike's face and totally get distracted by the softness or roughness --depending.

It will be super fun to get them together again. Are you sick of hearing this?