Wednesday, August 13, 2008

one of my favorite things about my husband

Aside from his good looks, Mike has many qualities for which I am so, so thankful.
He knows how to play. How to be silly. How to have a good time.
Mike is willing to fully commit to playing, he is not worried about what other people might be thinking.

And he has a really good time as a result.

It sure relaxes this sometimes-uptight momma.

And allows me to have fun too!

So thankful.


Joyce said...

Very fun photos of you two. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike has some serious trampoline skills.

And Amy...... Now I'm truly impressed. This raised the standard of today's Proverbs 31 woman: she has to be able to do flips now.

Uh, oh, I'm in trouble.

amy said...

Thanks my favorite BURC ladies!
I have to confess that the order of the photo's is a bit misleading... I did NOT land on my feet. :)
We have a LOT of fun on the trampoline!

Kristen said...

Okay...first of all, when did you start writing on this blog! I feel like a horrible friend for not having read all this before!!! I LOVE all your posts about the kids...I am just so happy you are doing this now!

Second...and really most have skillz. I am so impressed by your flip...will you teach me how to do it when we get our kids together someday??

amy said...
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amy said...

Hi Kristen! I was just "trying it out" in the beginning so of course you wouldn't know.
Who knows how long I will do it, we both know how busy things will be once we start 2nd GRADE!!! AND KINDERGARTEN!!! But at least we can know we (you and I) are doing similarly!
I can't wait to get our kids together again. And I so look forward to flipping on the tramp with you!

Helen said...

Wow! Those maneuvers remind me of The Matrix. Did your t-shirt stay down during your whole flip, or did one hand hold it in place? Either way, pretty impressive form. So glad I got to see these moves in person.

amy said...

Hey Helen. So, here is another confession. The first day we took pictures of all this Mike's shirt was up the whole time. He felt others might covet his six-pack so we decided to take new pictures and we were purposeful about keepin' it decent.
It all does look a little different still doesn't it. ;)