Thursday, August 21, 2008

things I don't want to forget; aidan part 2

Last month, Mike took Aidan and Luke to a baseball game. Prior to that, baseball was not really on Aidan’s radar. He was a football guy. However since watching the professionals in action, Aidan now enjoys playing baseball guy. There is a slight difference between playing baseball (as most people do) and baseball guy (as my boy does).

Baseball guy is a game that can be played alone.

You need the right gear of course (don’t worry about how hot it is outside).

Throw to yourself and catch it.

Slide to the plate, tag the other guy out… whatever the game may call for, you are the man!

Most important for this game: you need to be comfortable talking to yourself!


Jodi said...

Oh that is so cute. What a creative little boy!

Stacy said...


Totally cute. TOTALLY Aidan.

Love it.


Anonymous said...

Amy, that's exactly what I do, except it's in the kitchen, where I'm Cook Lady. I can be seen talking to myself, telling myself the next step, encouraging myself, "Way to chop that onion". Being able to talk to oneself is an important life skill. Way to go, Aidan.

KAMILLE said...

I'm laughing!