Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Other ways in which we have been fruitful…

One of my favorites: dahlias!
And this lovely hydrangea did quite well this year.
More edible than the above two are our tomatoes. I have two plants in pots on my front porch and they look very promising.
This corn is going to be fantastic!
Tucked in behind the corn, in front of the raspberries (which I need to get out of there) and beside the sedum (which has no business in the garden!) are the beets. We love this vegetable. We have been putting the beet-greens in our smoothies at lunch, or sautéing them with the tiny bit of swiss chard we harvested with garlic for dinner. And we will enjoy the roots themselves very soon.
These babies are exciting. Purple beans! Packed with antioxidants and the promise of much excitement at the dinner table. Prior to the beans, they had really pretty flowers.
This is what I call garden candy. I don’t think any will make it to the table because the kids and I keep eating them as soon as they are plump. (The same thing happened with the carrots too).
Not a good picture, but cilantro. Seriously, need I say more?
Every time I glance at this herb, I swear I can taste a mojito!
Dill is a new love for me. It looks so humble, but like all good humility, it has been an incredible asset! Every salad I’ve made has had dill as the prized ingredient.
Look at all the berries on this blueberry plant. We just might get a few of these in the house this year (it is hard to beat the kids to these).
This fall will be our first to enjoy the orchard we planted last fall. We are so excited to see that we will be getting lots of fruit from these trees.
We have already enjoyed a handful of sour cherries; the plum and pear trees will not be fruiting this year, but look at this.
Yummy. But I am not happy to see these creatures.
Anyone know what they are? They are ALL over many of the apple trees.
And lastly, our first live food makers.
They are not exactly free range, but this little lady is rebellious!
We are so excited to be getting eggs soon. We eat 12 at time when we serve them fried. This is the one fella of the group.
Aidan and Luke have decided that he must take turns with the chickens. He gets married to a new one each year so that it is fair. It’s the only way they can think of to make it work to have one man and twelve mommas. It’s complex.


Stacy said...

Woo hoo! Those chickens should start producing soon! :) (And they're HUGE!)

Fun post! I love the little garden tour. I may have to go out and snap some pictures of our own garden! :)


Marmee said...

AMY!!! Looks like you are having fun over there! Purple beans? I never knew they existed.

Too cute about the chickens' marriage schedule!

Joyce said...

Amy, your flowers, veggies and fruit (and polygamous chickens) are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your place for real!