Thursday, July 17, 2008

a day with grandma d.

First, we picked raspberries in her yard.
Grandma D. explained how to pick raspberries. After you have found the red one's ("no, that is green Ethan") you put one in your mouth, and put one in the bucket. Then, repeat.

Ava had her own method.

We did manage to have something to show for our effort. Here is our loot: many luscious raspberries...

And one gigantic snail!
After berry picking, we went over to the beach to cool off, swim in the bay and eat dinner.

We found a log that we pretended was a dolphin who could give us rides.

When we are with Grandma D. we always eat really yummy, fresh, healthy food!

And she is good at playing catch too.

Good times.
The end.


Stacy said...

Great pictures! [Aren't you getting to be quite the photographer, Ame! :)] Looks like you had a GREAT time with Grandma D! I'm so glad. :)
Isaac, "reading" over my shoulder, wants me to say: We love you!
Ella says: I like those cute pictures! Very much!

~Stacy, who is seriously SO happy that, while blog-hopping, I get to see pictures and read about our very best friends!!!

Rebecca M said...

Rebecca to Bob: Hey, Bob. Come look at this blog. Remember when Mike told us that if he ever had a blog it would be called something like "you have a right to my opinion"? Well, I think he actually does have one.

Bob to Rebecca: Uhhh, oh yeah? (Bob is killing warriors ninja gaiden style and not currently interested in my blog digging. Oh. Until he sees the long quiverfull post and then we both have to read the whole thing.)

Anyway, we love the pictures of your Gramdma D time. Your kids are looking so grown up, particularly Ava. What a big girl she is in her swimsuit and sunglasses!

KAMILLE said...

It looks like Veronica & Ava have raspberry picking and eating similarities. What smart girls!