Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a weekend in leavenworth

This past weekend we enjoyed a weekend away as a family. We went to one of our favorite spots, Leavenworth! We love the beauty/hiking in the summer as well as the beauty/snow in the winter.

Just as we were packing up to leave Ethan came into the house crying and explaining that “a bee hit me!” Indeed it had, he was stung at least three times on the arm. And in case you have ever wondered, this is what it looks like when a child has a mild systemic reaction to bee stings.
The left side of his face began to swell and swell.
Thankfully, once I smartened up (thanks to my mom) and gave him Benedryl, the swelling began to subside. Here he is almost normal at my parents campground in Leavenworth.
This girl does not enjoy traveling in the car. But she survived the trip over the mountains.
Luke was made to be in the woods. He loves it.
Everyone really enjoyed time with grandma and papa.

Papa took the big boys shooting.

We spent lots of time of in the woods (which I always love)!

Played on a river bank.

Oh, I love rivers.

The last day we were able to watch these ninjas (really cool guys) kayak down the river. They were so close we could have thrown rocks at them. But we didn’t.

It was really neat to watch. Mike took about a zillion pictures, so if anyone knows who these guys are email us so we can send them these pictures, I bet they would love them. Everyone thought it was so cool. The boys (all four of them) are excited to try this out someday.

We had a wonderful weekend. Lots of good memories made. Time to together...exactly what our family needed.


Stacy said...

I really cannot get OVER that picture of Ethan's face!!!! His LIP! OH MY WORD! Yikes!

[Thank goodness for your mom, for the millionth time!]

Some GREAT family pictures there. Love them! :) You guys are too cute.

And I just love it that you're blogging.


amy said...

Hey, Stace. Thanks so much for all the happy comments.
I am enjoying "showing off" my sweeties!

Helen said...

Oh man! Ethan's face kills me! Was he freaked out by the swelling? Love the pic of Ava eating the watermelon. Very nice. I can't wait to go hiking in the woods in Washington. Hiking in the muddy jungle of Laos during monsoon season is rough!

Joyce said...

Hi, Amy and Mike,

How cool! I didn't know you guys have a blog.

It sounds like the trip to Leavenworth was so much fun! All those great pictures make me want to pack us up so we can go there, too, during this beautiful summer. :)

amy said...

Hi Joyce! Thanks for checking us out!
I highly recommend Leavenworth. Especially without young one's it is an easy drive and is so, so beautiful. Good hiking, river playing, bike riding... lots to do! A lot of people like to shop in the little town too but shopping is not my cup of tea!
See you tomorrow!