Friday, July 25, 2008

so you think you can dance? my boys do too!

I have shown the boys clips of the best of the best dancers/dances from So you think you can dance from time to time in the evenings. They love it. And it has inspired them to become break-dancers themselves.
It is not uncommon for us to turn up the music and have dance “competitions” in our kitchen.

They really get into it.
And give it all they’ve got.
They think they can dance, and I agree.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Can we expect to see some H boys break dancing on a future episode of You Think You Can Dance? Maybe the boys can give us a show after church, we'll crank up some Weird Al, they can show us their NOT so White and Nerdy moves....

If you haven't seen Weird Al's White and Nerdy on Youtube, now is the time!!

amy said...

Oh yeah! You better watch out for the H boys showing their stuff!
I am off to watch weird al because I have no idea what this one is!
Thanks for checking out the boy's moves!

kate said...

amy - thanks for your help with the asthma stuff. I asked more questions on my comments...I probably should have come here first...

Rebecca M said...

So what kind of music are your boys dancing to? This is also a very common activity in our home- dancing in the kitchen- although we haven't yet titled it a Competition. There is only one child who can be the "winner" at this point. Yes, it is the oldest one. We're working on that. Back to the music. In our house, dancing music must be loud and maybe obnoxious. Most recently it has been the Greenday album titled Warning. Content is questionable but it's definitely loud and obnoxious and makes for good dancing. Recently we borrowed a cd from the library that we call the "pirate cd". Also with some questionable content... Do you have any suggestions for some cleaner dancin' music that rocks?

amy said...

Rebecca! Hi! I confess that in this picture we are dancing to the "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang" soundtrack (not very dancable I know!).

Content is a hard one. It is funny what songs they decide they like. I have heard Ethan singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie! And we all like the song "Too Late to Apologize" by One Republic. At first I felt bad that I had listened to it enough that the boys knew the words (I love that song) but as were talking about it one day I realized that I need to give them more credit. I was trying to explain that it is never too late to apologize and Luke responds with this: "Well, momma, it says that he is on a rope 10 feet off the ground, so he is going to die and it will be too late to apologize when he's dead!" I was floored. What a smart guy.

We will have to check out Greenday.

Can't wait to have all our kids dancing together soon!