Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oh man; my littlest man

Can you believe this guy?  He is so squishy and delightful. 

Justus is a complete momma's boy and always wants to be right where I am. 

This is one way that I have found to keep him occupied so that I can get the dishes done or make a meal.

My J-bear.  Busy, busy.  Learning to walk, communicate, make messes, command attention and show love.  {And take really great pictures!}


Rebecca M said...

Look at this sweetie pie!

I had to look close to see that there is water in his dishes, hence the towel!

What a fun game you are playing, Justus! Way to be creative, Mama!

amy said...

Yes, water in the dishes, on his clothes and all over the floor. It is my newfangled way to clean the floors.

J-bear wants to know when Jamie James is coming to play with his water.

Anonymous said...

The most important feature of Justus worth mentioning, in my humble opinion, is that he has wonderful, soft, chubby thighs. Basically, he should never wear pants.

-Aunt Helen

Mike said...

Yes Aunt Helen, you are right.

You will be happy to know that he was a very happy boy this evening, whatever was the matter yesterday has passed.