Sunday, September 14, 2008

hey momma, look what I found

The boys love to find insects outside and capture them (like all boys, I am sure). They usually put them in a container with breathing holes, feed them and observe them for a while before letting them return home.

Right now is crane fly season at our house and that has therefore been the most caught creature. The other day Ethan wanted in on the action and caught one too. He brought to show me, so proud that he is such a great hunter.

It is not a crane fly, it is a dandelion seed! But Ethan is convinced it is a crane fly.

(Ethan is not super comfortable around insects --especially flying ones. That poor boy has been stung and bit too many times to be comfortable!)

Yesterday, when I was in the kitchen, I did not think anything of it when Luke held a container up to my face to show me the latest thing he had caught.

Up to my face.

In my kitchen.

Luke presented me with this:

VOLE! And it is not small. It is quite large, having enjoyed such a lovely summer in our field.

I would love to say that my first reaction was, "wonderful, let's take a look at God's creation." But I can't say that in honesty.
I screamed.
More than a couple times, I couldn't help myself. It was all so shocking, revolting and unsettling.

Of course the boys loved my reaction, Mike did too.

The kids enjoyed having a close up look at him for a while and then I made Mike let him go.


Jodi said...

Oh my word. I would have screamed too. I'm actually pretty grossed out just looking at the picture.

Joyce said...

Even though you're "smiling", Amy, I can see your nose is scrunched up from trying not to scream again (tee hee!).

The first time I saw a mouse run along the edge of a room, I was aghast, too. My thoughts were something like, "What is that rodent doing in my house, with my children?!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, the vole is SO CUTE!!!

We used to get them, too, when we lived in your neck of the woods. I seem to remember finding a nest of baby voles, who were rather pink and naked and ugly, and I screamed a little when I pulled off the vent plugs and found the happy family of baby voles SQUIRMING and WRIGGLING!

YOUR vole is a hundred times cuter. Almost pet-like.

amy said...

Marmee, if I would have seen that --I would be having nightmares!

Joyce, in that picture I am saying "ewww" over and over! I tried to get over it, but had much difficulty.

Jodi, yep.

Anonymous said...

Yowsers! This reminds me of my own experience several hours ago during a layover in Atlanta. I was sitting watching the news on TV when I saw someone squeal and point to the floor about five feet from where I was sitting.

And wouldn't you know it - 2 little mice were scurrying around back and forth underneath the chairs. During the TV commercials, a special Atlanta airport commercial came on asking everyone to do their part and keep the airport clean.

Uh huh.

-Aunt Helen

amy said...

Oh Helen, no. How many people lay on the floor of that airport to sneak a nap?! How many babies crawl around to stretch their legs between flights?!
Somehow, a mouse inside man's living space is way more disturbing to me.

KAMILLE said...

ya know I read this post last night before bed and I had a dream that there was a Vole in our house and Veronica had caught it or something--to weird. Glad it was a dream.