Monday, September 29, 2008

a few of Ava's favorite things (part one)

Here are some of Ava's current favs in random order:

1. This toy is one of Ava's favorites. I have lots of pictures of her enjoying this toy. It is a bit of a novelty for me to have a child who plays with toys!
Here she is enjoying the same toy with Adia. I could not believe that they played with the same toy for so long together. They are so advanced! :)
And because I didn't get both of their faces in one shot, here is another, with our beautiful friend.

2. Ava loves her older girlfriend Ella who has known Ava since she was a bump in my womb and her younger one Adelia who Ava has known since she was brand new!

3. The swings! We have big windows in our living room and dining room from which a view of the swings can be seen. Several times a day Ava looks out and asks to go swing, no matter the weather.

4. This is obvious, but her nigh-nigh has to be mentioned. She will read this someday!

5. Expressing how she feels...
More Ava favs to come in part two.


KAMILLE said...

How fun! Veronica and Ava are kindred spirits and they didn't even know it, b/c Veronica loves the swings too.

Joyce said...

My girls enjoy Ava so much! Thanks for helping us to know her better. :)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about Ava is how she tenses up her shoulders to raise her head off the changing table. She has such an earnest expression on her face. I love it.

-Aunt Helen