Monday, September 15, 2008

How're them apples?

Have you priced apples recently? Not cheap. However, at Grandma D's house, they occur naturally in abundance. As a matter of fact, they quite literally grow on trees.

We amassed quite a haul this year.

However, we noticed that our boxes seemed to not contain as many apples as we'd picked by the time we got home.

Oh. That makes sense.

Actually, while we did some picking and gathering, we all did a lot of eating too.

And some more eating.

And some more.

Of course there was time for quiet reflection.

But then it was back to eating.

In between eating--and despite the cursed glare of the midday sun--we managed to get a couple nicely posed pictures as well.

This one may actually be good enough for the family Christmas card. Always good to get that one out of the way early. I hate scrambling trying to find good outdoor light in mid-December.

We finished the trip with a picnic lunch. And ate a few more apples.
The only thing missing was Grandma D. And maybe Aunt Helen too. But even with all our eating, gathering, and picking, we left a lot on the trees. We'll be back.


TAMI said...

Your 'quiet reflection' photo is fantastic!!

Joyce said...

I love the family portrait! So creative. :)

Stacy said...

I'm SO jealous.
I look at apples every.single.time I go to the grocery store (b/c I love them and crave them during this pregnancy) but I won't pay the price they're selling them for. Thus, no apples.

We got some off of Erek's tree a couple of weeks ago but they weren't the crunchy, crisp type of apple that is good for eating. They were softer and perfect for apple pie and crisp, but that's about it.

LOVE it that you have so many apples for your fruit eaters!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't get why apples are so expensive in our state! It just plumb don't make sense.

I crave apples, too, and I'm not pregnant. I think it's because I look at them at the store and drool over them and then deny myself their luscious goodness because I'm not paying a buck fifty for one apple!!

As a dessert for one night, we SPLURGED and bought 4 apples for the 4 of us, quite the treat!

It's really sad that the junk food is cheaper than the healthy stuff. Little Debbies??? I rest my case.

amy said...

Marmee, no kidding about Little Debbies being way more affordable.
As soon as our own baby apple trees are producing we will invite your family to come out and pick some! The only cost will be that you have to stay to play games!

Anonymous said...

Do we get to play Settlers or can we shoot BB guns and wear backpack on our backs and pretend we are Christian from PP?

Cutzi said...

Ok - I don't know where the apples are $1.50 a lb... what I do know is that you guys need to come up to the Green Barn. I never pay more than a dollar.