Friday, September 19, 2008

a few quotes from my Aidan James

While at church enjoying a sermon on Romans 12:3-8, Aidan hears Pastor Efflandt’s encouragement to use our gifts to serve others. Aidan leans over to me and whispers, “Momma, Pastor Efflandt asked us what our gifts are and I think I know what mine is!” I tell him this is wonderful and ask him what it is. “Confidence!” He replies.

And recently at the table:
“I just love to hear her tender little laugh.” Aidan sighs as Ava giggles at something someone did.

We have been learning about the four different types of sentences this week. As I read to Aidan about the fourth type, exclamations, Aidan interrupts to exclaim, “Momma, I think that of all the sentences I use, exclamations are about… (He thinks for a minute) 90% of them!” We then read that it is an exclamation if it is said with great passion and I realize just how accurate is 90%.

(I took these pictures this morning while Aidan was working on his math. You may notice that he is in his football attire. Wearing his glove so that he is ready for that winning pass at any time. He did explain to me that it would not get in the way of his schoolwork because it is worn on his left hand!).


Mike said...

He drops some zingers on us, for sure.

That's funny that his golf glove doubles as a football glove. I wonder if they make right handed gloves as well.

KAMILLE said...

What a sweet boy and sweet pictures of him.

Joyce said...

Amy, I enjoy your special posts about each of the children. What a fun way to get to know your family better!