Monday, September 22, 2008

more about E-Bo

The meaning of the name Ethan is firm; strong. The meaning of the name Boaz is strength. Rather than coming out looking strong, Ethan entered this world looking as sweet and soft as can be.

But now that we know him better, we can not believe how true to character are these powerful names of his. Ethan is a strong leader. He is willing to tell anyone what to do (and this gets him into to trouble often).
E-Bo is strong in confidence too. Here he is on the merry-go-round at the fair.
We almost didn’t get this picture taken. Right as we were finding the line for the merry-go-round, Mike and I realized we had lost Luke (a terrible moment, but not the subject of this post). As Mike and I figured out how to find Luke and I ran around (in tears) looking, Ethan got right into line, paid his ticket and climbed into the saddle of his horse all by himself. Thankfully, I found Luke and Mike was able to take this picture of Ethan all alone on the ride (is this normal for 3 year olds?).

Ethan enjoys all aspects of life and I see this as a strength in character. Here he is enjoying God’s creation. He is so delighted by the small things (like dandelion seeds that he calls “blowers” when they are still on the stem.)
He is physically strong too, not afraid of a challenge over his head.
Ethan is a lot like his daddy growing strong in every way,
and also like his daddy, Ethan is strongly affectionate as well!


KAMILLE said...

About the carousel story: what a big boy and I would say not typical of a 3 year old. I'm amazed!

Anonymous said...

Amy, the pics of all your kids are just so cute. I love it when you share with us. However, with this post, I'm struck with just how YOUNG you and Mike look just 3 short years ago. You look like teenagers. You have the gift of looking youthful!! Can I get some of that???

amy said...

Marmee, I thought that too! Why do we look so young? What has happened to age us so in the last 3 (well almost 4) years?!
I am glad you are at least back to the computer, progress right?