Saturday, September 6, 2008

one morning's events

Yesterday I awoke to the following altercation:

Aidan: Daddy, Luke peed on me.

Luke: [through tears, sobbing] but I [garbled] blesood.  I didn't mean to.

Me: What?  You what?  Were you peeing at the same time?

Aidan: Yes

Me: Well that's not a good idea.  You shouldn't do that in future.  But Luke, you did pee on him?

Luke: But I blessood [still sobbing]...

Me: What?

Luke: [somewhat clearer] I bless-you'd.

Me: Oooohhhh....  you sneezed while you were peeing and accidently peed on Aidan.

Luke: [suddenly not sobbing] Um, yes.

Me: Okay, well, go potty one at a time from now on.

That clears up why that toilet is alway so foul.  As if it needed clearing up.  That does say something positive about his manners that he thinks sneezing is called "bless you" though, right? They have given us a lifetime of moments like this.

[Aidan and Luke, circa 2004]

Later that same day, I walked in on Aidan and Luke wrestling their screaming 20 month old sister to the ground, amidst clear audible evidence that such treatment was not in accordance with her wishes.  Sorting out this altercation revealed that little Ava was trying to take off her shirt to be like her brothers (who were shirtless for the purpose of some game).  Well, her 7 and 5 year old brothers, champions of modesty that they are, would simply not have any of that.  Even if it meant physical restraint.  

The principle was okay, but the application left something to be desired.  But it's okay.  She really is a charmer and I'm glad that I'm not the only one keeping an eye on her.


KAMILLE said...

we both laughed and enjoyed the story.

Joanna said...

Wow, now that's a new one. One I may never be priveledged to hear in my own home as I have 5 isn't quite out of the womb yet. Still, it's a bit hard for the girls to accomplish such a hilarious thing.