Thursday, October 2, 2008

a few of Ethan's favorite things (part one)

Ethan has many things that he loves right now. Here are a few current favorites of his.

1. his baby; future daddies need practice too! This baby is named E.R.

2. gymnastics; here he is getting his first taste as baby. Now Ethan goes to gymnastics one day a week, but he often tells me he wishes he could go every day. Not only does he love it, but his muscular frame is well suited for it too!

3. motorcycles; each time we pass a motorcyclist on the road, Ethan and his brothers inform Mike and I about how safe (or not) that "guy" is.

4. making crazy faces; seriously, Ethan always has some sort of crazy look on his face. He is so expressive.

5. wearing shorts; and short sleeves for that matter. He would NEVER choose of his own volition to wear long pants. If it's snowing outside he'll put on a coat, but he'll roll up the sleeves--yes, the sleeves of his COAT.


Joyce said...

E.R. looks to be receiving perfectly good care from Ethan. <3

Jodi said... does E.R. stand for anything?! I love the names kids come up with. :)

I also laughed because Jack only ever wants to wear long-sleeved shirts and sweat pants. Even if it's ninety degrees outside.

These are cute posts you're doing. :)

amy said...

Jodi! That IS really funny to hear about Jack's prefrences being the opposite.
E.R.? Mike thinks it is because we call him E-bo, but I am not sure.