Friday, October 31, 2008

it's aidan's brithday

I can't believe it! My sweet baby boy

is eight years old today! Man, time flies.

For Aidan's birthday this year we got him a new bike. We had purchased his old one when he was three (I think) and he had beyond outgrown it! He looks pretty great on his new one.

In keeping with tradition, he got to make his own cake and pick out his favorite ice cream (rainbow sherbet). In years past he "helped" make the cake, but this year he was able to make it all on his own, including his choice of caramel instead of frosting. He was very proud of his cake (the best tasting cake ever, go figure!).

Aidan is such a treasure to us. His personality is a treat, but the best gift of all is the way Aidan loves the Lord. We are so thankful for his mature understanding in both his head and heart of our faith in Christ Jesus.

Aidan is a passionate person. He loves what he loves and throws himself completely to it. We have found such joy and entertainment in learning along with Aidan all there is to learn about his interests. Personally, I have learned to expand the things that interest me and to always be ready enjoy them with someone I love. Right now the example is football. Before it was Aidan's passion, I do not know if I would have enjoyed tossing around the ball (for hours), watching a game (or the highlights), or talking about teams and stats. But now that I have done these things with someone who loves it so much, I can truly say I enjoy it too.

Aidan is super smart. It is my prayer that he uses this as a tool for the Lord. But right now it is such an asset to our homeschool! As I learn how to teach, Aidan's memory and intelligence make up for my lack. He remembers everything whether or not I taught it in the best way!

I love how much of a participator Aidan is. When we go somewhere or a join a group of people, Aidan is always game to jump right in on what they are doing. Even though his passions are pretty focused, he is always ready to be a part of a group doing something else. And he always has fun too! It is such a great quality!

Another of my favorite things about Aidan is that he still will come cuddle on my lap! My sweet boy, my eight year old boy still loves his momma and daddy and is willing to show it.

Aidan is very competive. He hates to lose at anything, but if there is ever a contest to see who can keep from laughing the longest, he will lose almost immediately. His laughter overflows and he simply can't hold it in. I love watching him on the soccer field because there'll often be a faint giggle coming from him as he chases after the ball. Someone who laughs that much just makes life more fun.

We're so thankful for the eight years we've been able to laugh with Aidan and look forward to many more.

-Mike & Amy


Zepmom said...

The 'virtual' scrapbook is such a wonderful idea...many happy returns for yesterday...and how awesome is it to share your birthday with the birth of the Protestant Reformation!!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to Aidan! What a treasure from the Lord your boy is.

Isn't it the truth, that the thing you (and I) can be most thankful for is our children truly loving the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Aidan, a little late. We just got internet service back. But I DID think about him and the fact that his birthday and Reformation Day is the same. I KNEW that he would be having a great day with his sweet family. Enjoy your little man!!

Rebecca M said...

I loved reading about this big boy of yours. These children God has blessed us with are such treasures!

It's actually been 8 years since Maile and I visited you in the hospital?!

And what about that new bike? Slick wheels, Aidan!

amy said...

Rebecca! I remember when you visited. It was a really hard day for me (because they didn't know what was wrong with him) and you guys brought flowers inside a pumpkin! That was so cool.
Love you friend!