Friday, October 3, 2008

a few of Ethan's favorite things (part two)

More Ethan favs include:

6. eating eggs (he eats the most of all of us). I found him this morning scraping the pan for the last bits of fried egg. It takes a lot of protein to be that strong!

7. his horsie and all things horse.
8. swimming. Seriously, you should see this guy. We went swimming last night and I think he spent more time fully underwater than above!

9. the Vermeers (a favorite church family).

10. tactile sensations

11. his good friends: Isaias, his family
and Steele and his family.

The last of this random list of Ethan's current favorite things have to include: 12. making tents 13. wrestling 14. telling fantastic stores ad-lib and singing crazy songs ad-lib 15. The Magic School Bus books and 16. his puppy.

Ethan's puppy is a huge Clifford stuffed animal that my grandma bought for Aidan when he was a toddler. It was loved by Aidan, loved by Luke and now Ethan loves it. However, lately Ethan seems to believe his puppy to be a sort of "bad guy." For instance, when he gets up from his nap every day Ethan tells me something regarding the naughty things his puppy did during nap time and the obedient things his horsie did. He is 100% consistent in this, his puppy is disobedient and his horsie (or sometimes it is his baby) is obedient. It is always interesting around Ethan!


Stacy said...

WOW. Can I just say...

I am continually shocked that you have a)a new post every day (practically!), and b)all these great pictures to post!

Great job!
And cute kids!

Stacy said...

Oh. And where'd you go swimming?

Joyce said...

I'm so glad Ethan's baby is obedient. Guess he'll just need to work more with Clifford.

Thanks for the peeks into sweet Ethan's favorite things!