Sunday, October 12, 2008

a few of Aidan's favorite things (part two)

More of Aidan's favs include:

6. cub scouts. He loves every minute of cub scouts. Aidan is a wolf this year and has a terrific den of boys and an awesome leader who takes pictures and lets me steal them off her blog (thanks Jill).

7. laughing (he is our biggest giggler). Getting Aidan to laugh is super easy and oh so fun!

8. arguing his case (and being right). If you have met Mike and I then you totally get how he could be this way.

9. gear (whatever the situation, the gear, uniform and tools or weapons matter a lot to Aidan).

10. All things battle/war/combat.

The last couple of things I can think of for Aidan include: community and friends, competition, caring for the chickens when they were chicks, family, and working with his mind (like his daddy).

(That's a chick on his shoulder)


Stacy said...

I love that boy.


KAMILLE said...

I love reading about all four kids and how their personalities are each unique and sometimes cross over. I'm still convinced that I could never have just one child, esp after reading how much fun it seems like you all have at the Hollister home.

Jodi said...

Continuing to love these posts...and also wanting to see your house someday. :)

Jill said...

Aidan is such a neat kid. I love getting to hang out with him at den day!

(and sometimes I think he knows more than I do about almost everything we talk about - it's too funny!)