Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a few of Luke's favorite things (part one)

Luke has many favorite things too! Here are some of them:

1. certain clothes. There are only a few things he likes to wear (shirts, pants, shoes) and he only wears these things. You may have noticed this in pictures of Luke. It often looks like we take all the pictures on the same day, we don't. We have learned to make sure he likes something before we buy it! If he doesn't like it, he won't wear it.

2. making us laugh. Luke loves to make his brothers laugh, he loves to make his sister laugh and he loves to make momma and daddy laugh. He does a great job of it too!

3. gardening. Luke is the one who helped me ready the soil, plant the seeds, weed and harvest. Luke loves this work and is very good at it. Luke and I (momma) are the only ones in the family who can tell you where things are in the garden. With the exception of the pumpkins we planted... they turned out to be summer squash (we think :).

4. Aunt Helen. We all love Aunt Helen, but I think Luke especially enjoys any time he can spend with our wonderful Aunt Helen.

5. the cow "nun-ite" and the lion "nun-ite" (but we keep this on the down low). Grandma D. made a blanket for both Luke and Aidan for Christmas when Luke had just turned two. Somehow (and really it was between Aidan and Luke) both of the blankets became Luke's "nun-ites." He has loved them dearly and they have remained in his bed until this day. Obviously, almost 6 is a bit old to have a baby blanket so we don't really mention them. But if you were to sneak into Luke's room in the middle of the night (please don't do this) you would see that his "nunites" are still one of Luke's favorite things. These pictures are from when he was 2 and 3 years old.

More to come!


Joyce said...

Favorite things from baby days sometimes are treasured a long time (We know that over here, too.).

What a talented guy Luke is with his good sense of humor, gardening skills, and knowing how to stay comfortable. :)

Anonymous said...

Did he fall asleep on a plastic container lid? Ouch.

Having those treasured items that one needs to get to sleep when one is young is not mentioned around here much. We've been there, looking for a certain stuffed animal in the middle of the night that has fallen between the bed and the wall. Good memories.

Luke, a gardener guy? That's great!!! He can come over to my house one day and teach me how to keep my plants alive!

Catherine said...

I love that he fell asleep on a plastic container! Such cute posts Amy!