Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a few of luke's favorte things part two

A few more of Luke's favs include:

6. collecting eggs. No one in our family seems to derive as much joy from gathering the eggs our 12 hens produce as our Lukers. Not only does he always want to do it, but as evident in this instance, he takes pride in his work, even putting "flowers" in the basket to make his harvest pretty. And I really, really like this picture of him.

7. working together as a group. Luke really values participation. Part of being the most sensitive one in the family to the needs of others is his enjoyment of community. While our kids all love each other, I think if any one of them could choose who their favorite playmate is, it would be Luke.

8. whatever Aidan is doing. They are pretty much inseparable. From when he was very small he has wanted to be doing what his brother was doing. When he was not even a year and half old he would sit quietly through the church service because that's where "nay-nay" (his word for Aidan) was. He couldn't even get onto the stool by himself to eat, but he had outgrown the high chair already. Nay-nay didn't need one, so neither did he. One thing we still lightheartedly tease him about is when he was just learning to talk, one common refrain was "toooo`- oooooo". It would usually go something like, "jiberish jiberish jiberish "nay-nay" jiberish jiberish toooo-ooooo." That meant that whatever Aidan was doing/having/eating, he wanted to be doing/having/eating it "too".

9. riding bikes. He has the most fondness for riding in our family so far. Aidan rides well but is a bit more cautious in his approach. Luke is uncharacteristically aggressive.

Other things include puzzles & games (all puzzles; Blokus and Uno are his current favorites), hidden picture type books (like I-Spy or Where's Waldo), choosing Ava's clothes or putting barrettes in her hair (it's not just his own clothes that he is particular about), talking when it is just us and being quiet when others are around (friends seem to consider him the quiet one of our family; he rarely stops talking once they leave), earning money and the dollar store (he really cares about earning money and he likes to save it)


Anonymous said...

Such a sweetheart. And I LOVED seeing those old-school pictures of him sleeping with the blankets. Oh man!

-Aunt Helen

Stacy said...


If Ella had a "favorites" list, I know your sweet Luke would be on it.


Cyndi said...

Well written article.