Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the first Saturday of December

The first Saturday of December is the lighted Christmas parade in Lynden.
Our dear friends have a party after the parade in their home which is just a stone's throw from the parade. This tradition is one we enjoy every year. It is fun to see how different the weather can be and to warm up afterward with yummy drinks and food with our buddies. Last year, the snow was falling like crazy and it was very cold. This year it was pretty warm but pouring down rain. It was seriously a downpour! But we were prepared and had a great time anyway.
I am wearing snow pants, we are all in our mud/snow boots, we have umbrella's and we are sitting on plastic bags. We stayed dry enough (except Aidan just asked me to point out that he is not benefitting from the umbrella. Oops! Sorry Aidan) and had a blast.
As always, the party had delicious food and fun company. Everyone in the family loved it. We had so much fun that we did not take any pictures once inside. But I do have this great picture of the fantastic hostess and my cute girl.
Looking forward to next year!


Rebecca M said...

What's better than big trucks with Christmas lights all over them?

This looks like a fun tradition!

Sara said...

Me and Hannah and Paige went, too. Except we were not so prepared and tried to keep dry with one small fleece blanket and a tiny umbrella! Needless to say; we got very wet and grumpy.