Wednesday, December 10, 2008

five days in Whistler, good medicine.

We had such a nice little vacation up at Whistler village. It was different than we thought it would be (we were planning on sledding and playing in the snow) but we all enjoyed ourselves immensely! This is the only snow that was available for us to play in.

Instead of snow play we explored the cute village all decked for Christmas.

One of the wonderful things about having kids the ages of our kids is that it does not take much to amuse. The kids, Mike and I were all perfectly happy to walk around the village enjoying the sights. So, we did a lot of that.
I don't know why the village pictures are so Ava-centric, but they are. Oh well, she is cute.
The village also had lots of hints about the upcoming Olympics it will be hosting. Exciting stuff that was fun to see now as I have no desire to see with the crowds.

Did you know what the Olympic rings are good for?
Mike can rock a hoola-hoop. I am so sad that this is the only picture we came home with of him. I guess that is the downside of having a camera that weighs a million pounds --only the person with the passion is willing to carry it.

In addition to exploring the village we had a blast hiking (really slow walking in our case) in the woods. We all love the woods so much and completly enjoyed our time playing on the trails. This year I noticed that Luke has a particular fondness of scrambling. And he is really good at too.
In the evenings we all watch the origional Star Wars as a family. The boys were enthrawlled! And this is what they were playing while in the woods. Who knew there were stormtroopers around every corner? Don't worry, Ethan will get 'em!
We hiked to this georgeous waterfall.
Aidan and I were a little nervous with the way Ava was running around on this high balcony. The rest of the family however feels that Aidan and I are way too cautious (I think they mean paranoid).
We also found two really cool looking playgrounds. We had a lot of fun playing at these (I am sure you can tell by the pictures, but it was really, really cold).
Besides all this we did lost of resting and relaxing. For three days of our time our good buddies also came up and rented a condo. We hung out with them sharing lots of food and laughter.

Here the kids are watching a video before bed.

Yep. We love Whistler! And being together even more.


Rebecca M said...

Fun pictures of your trip, guys!
We need to do more of the "scrambling" that Luke does so well. How fun to be outside together!
I can remember playing on that interesting playground as a little girl at Whistler.
Maybe you have snow at your house now! We had a scant amount on Sunday night and we're hoping it snows again on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a great time!

Hope you are enjoying this snowy weather and that you all are staying warm.

Joyce said...

What a great place and time to vacation with your family. I've only been to Whistler when it's not snowy, and had a wonderful time, too. We went during summer once and went swimming in a lake.

Yay for the rock scramblers! That looks like exciting play. :)