Sunday, December 21, 2008

the aquarium

At the end of our last day at Whistler we drove home. At home we were greeted by our wonderful and lovely Aunt Helen who had cooked us dinner! So nice.
The next morning we woke early and headed down to Seattle to visit the Aquarium with our dear friends. Mike and I have been friends with Bob and Rebecca since before we were married and our kids have known one another from birth. These guys are such kindred spirits and always fun to be around.

Unfortunately an Aquarium visit does not make for the best pictures. Almost all of our pictures look like this:

A picture of people looking at things is not the most exciting. While I enjoy the backs of my kid's heads I love the fronts more!

We enjoyed looking at all the fish and water exibits while chatting and hanging out with good friends.

We learned a lot and we even had fun dressing up.

This is the only picture we got of Ava and Mercy. I am so sad because these girls are so cute.

I had a lot of fun.
This is the only picture we got of Rebecca and I! That is Rebecca to the far left with sleeping Josiah in the sling.
This is the best picture we have of Bob and Rebecca together. (and some random lady trying to nurse her baby).
We had a really good time, just too good to concentrate on getting decent pictures of everyone.
But I want to remember the event. The fun trip with our friends, the experience. How the boys all discovered their mutual love for Star Wars. How Mercy and Ava are alike in many ways. And I don't want to forget the way the kids were so happy to run together at the end of our time while the adults enjoyed our last bit of chatting. That is until the aquarium worker asked us to get the kids to stop running because "they might fall down." :)

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