Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas eve

Our Christmas celebrations began on Christmas eve day. This is the day that we spend with Amy's family. The night before, Aunt Cherie and Alix drove up to beat the coming storm. Isn't Alix such a cutie-pie?

Here is Alix and Cherie.

Grandma and Papa arrived later that afternoon. Grandma started cooking a big Christmas dinner for everyone and the rest of us just hung out and visited. Here is grandma in the kitchen. And Papa bearing gifts.

The last part of our Christmas Eve party was Aunt Sarah and Keegan.
Once they arrived we had a grandma, a papa, two aunts, three two year olds, my boys and Mike and I. It was a party ready for some fun. We ate, we opened gifts, our stocking full of explosives from Papa and we sang songs.
Some sang with a little more gusto than others.
We got Alix a doll house and it was a big hit with all of the kids.
I think everyone had a good time. It was just nice to be all together. My family had not been all together since Christmas two years ago when Cherie and Sarah were pregnant. We were thankful for this time to have everyone together.

A time for fun and a time for bonding.


Stacy said...

Alix's hair has gotten so long.

Great pictures!

Rebecca M said...

The last shot of Alix and Ava together is sweet! And Amy, you look cute too! That is a fun dollhouse you found for Alix.