Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the day after christmas

After a wonderful Christmas day, we all decided that Grandma D and Aunt Helen should spend the night. They did and thus enabled us to have the whole next day to enjoy one another. We ate a huge yummy breakfast, played with our Christmas gifts, baked cookies, worked on a puzzle, played Ticket To Ride and Cribbage, and ate some more.

Hopefully Ebo didn't add any of the special sprinkles he found to the cookies.

One of my gifts from Grandma D was a set of cookie cutters. She had also brought up some yummy cookie dough and set to work with the kids making tons of Christmas cookies.
While she did this Aunt Helen and I worked on a puzzle. I learned that Helen is very skilled at putting together puzzles and I.am.not.!
I like this shot because it shows not only the puzzle ninja but also the lovely white Christmas we enjoyed.


Cutzi said...

And it shows a beautiful wreath above your mantel. I guy could quit his job and sell those on e-bay! They're beautiful!

Amy - I love all these pictures you've posted. It looks like a wonderful 3 day. And of course, especially love Grandma D and Helen pictures. Those girls are awesome.

Looking forward to a New Year's Eve post....

Rebecca M said...

Bob would be impressed to know that you were working on a real grown up puzzle. He loves to do puzzles and hasn't felt the freedom to attempt one at our house since Daniel started pulling up on things for fear of losing a piece to grabbing fingers.

So many fun memories from Christmas, Amy!

amy said...

We had a few training moments in the begining about who can touch the pieces and who can not but after that it hasn't been a problem.
I've had one out on a table since Christmas and Luke (only Luke) will walk up occasionally and add a piece. For my part, I am puzzle blind I guess, because it is not coming together at all.
The Rensinks have a puzzle out on their puzzle table all the time. I went over there just a few nights ago and walked in on Mark, Ella and Isaac working together on the 1000 piece puzzle. All that to say, do it!

Anonymous said...

amy, i love you.
love, your mom