Sunday, December 21, 2008

ethan's birthday

December 13th is Ethan’s birthday. This year he turned four. I can’t believe I can no longer use “he’s just a three year old” as an excuse for his crazy behavior! But that is the case.

In a lot of ways it makes sense that he is now four. Four years old has always been one of my most favorite ages and Ethan is a ton of fun! He is smart, funny, energetic, full of ideas and imagination, a very likable guy.

Ethan has a zest for life that is contagious. He likes almost everything. This is one of the things that makes buying presents for him very difficult. He likes everything. And because of that it is hard to narrow down what might be a good gift. This year when asked what he wanted for his birthday he would always say, “a sword and a sheath just like Luke’s.” So he wanted Luke’s same present. We decided to just go with it.

We also picked up this soft elephant (Ethan is very into the textures of things) for him which he loves.

The day of his birthday, Ethan helped his daddy make his birthday cake. This year it was a gingerbread with molasses whipped cream cake which they all loved. He was very proud that he cracked his first egg by himself.

On his birthday we had a nice visit from some favorite buddies who brought him a gift. It was so cute: as soon as our friends arrived with gift in hand, all the kids ran off to play leaving us adults with the gift. Ethan was just way more interested in visitors than a present! But that's okay. Someone else was happy to play with his elephant.

That night Aunt Helen joined us for cake after which we all enjoyed watching the beginning of the The Return of the Jedi (Star Wars is a current favorite around here). After that, someone was a little reluctant to return Ebo's elephant to him.

It was a very nice day enjoyed by all. Our sweet Ethan is fun to celebrate because it is always a party to be around him (unless we are asking him to eat taco soup). We are so thankful for our buddy Ethan and pray that he continues to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord.


Stacy said...

That final picture is THE CUTEST picture of Ethan I've EVER seen in my life.

Love HIM.


KAMILLE said...

Wow--he's four already. I agree with Stacy, that picture of him is WAY too cute. Look at those gorgeous eyelashes too!

Joyce said...

Happy, happy birthday to dear Ethan.

Anonymous said...

That little face just melts my heart....SO cute!

Happy Birthday to E-BO!!!

Teresa said...

In that first picture of Ava, she looks just like Mike. Have a great CHristmas!