Tuesday, November 25, 2008

luke's birthday

Earlier this month we celebrated Luke's 6th birthday. In keeping with tradition, he made his own cake. Luke is a very serious about his craftsmanship. He was also very committed to licking all the extra frosting off the spatula.

He carefully placed all 6 candles in the shape of "L" on his cake. He later explained that was he could blow out the candles easier. Always thinking ahead, my Luke.

With the candles gone, it was time to star dishing it out.

Some were worried they might not get their piece.

But everyone got some. Ava just ate the M&Ms off hers.

Next it was time for Luke to open his presents. He'd been consistent over the past few months in communicating his desire to get a sword and a sheath. So that's what he got. A nice wooden sword and leather sheath to put it in.

He liked it a lot. But then it was time for him to open his second present. Also a sword. And a sheath.

But this one was slightly different.

And bigger.

Yes a lot bigger.

Okay. Ridiculously big.

But that didn't stop him from proclaiming it the best present he's ever gotten. I really had no idea what I was getting when I ordered it from the Life in a Shoe people. Now it sits on a shelf and is taken down periodically for supervised playtime. It may be useful for home defense as well.

He also got some legos from our friends. Thankfully they have proved a pleasant and safe diversion from the sword.

Happy birthday Luke!


Joyce said...

Wow! What a sword. :) I'm glad you have the Legos for diversion. I can see by Luke's expression that he treasures that sword!

Anonymous said...

I bet that was fun playing around with the focus for that shot of Ava in the background. Nice work.


Rebecca M said...


(Bob, come take a look at this sword!)