Wednesday, November 5, 2008

about mud

The kids and I have this story that we love to remember and laugh about. It happened right after Ava was born and was still nursing a lot as new babies do. I was inside nursing Ava, Mike was on a trip, and the boys (all three) were outside playing in the mud. During our rainy season saying that they were playing in the mud and that they were playing in the yard is synonymous.

So on this particular day in February while outside playing, Ethan got stuck in the mud. He was two and the mud was so strong, his foot so embedded that he was unable to pull his boot back out of the mud. So he did what all two year old's would do and started yelling for help. Aidan and Luke came inside to tell me what was going on. When I looked out the window, I saw my sweet little boy about half an acre away standing in the mud crying all alone --he couldn't move. So like all post-postpartum mommas while nursing, I hollered at the big boys to go help their brother! They went back out and I watched them attempt to pull him out without success.

I apologized to Ava and put her down (she was not pleased!) while I put on my boots and coat over my (remember I had just had a baby) pajama bottoms. As I walked out in the field to pull my two year old out, I too had trouble keeping my boots on the mud was so thick! It was not easy pulling Ethan out of the mud. In the end I pulled so hard that once he popped out, I fell flat on my backside! In the ice trimmed mud! It was hilarious, after I was warm and cozy again.

Here is the picture I took of my pants while I was feeling sorry for myself. I wanted Mike to see how hard my life was.

So anyway, I retell this story today because I never realized how dangerous it is to reminisce stories like this with the kids. They love this story so much they decided to re-enact it today with our current two year old (almost). I do not know if it was conscious or sub-conscious, but they did it non-the-less.

I did not have the heart to take a picture of Ava while stuck in the mud or immediately afterward because she was VERY upset about it. But here she is in the bathtub, now clean but still grumpy about it all.
And she wants you to know how happy getting clean makes her.
Here are what her socks and pants looked like. You see, her boots got stuck in the mud so they came off when she took a step so her brothers threw them "out of the way," then she got stuck --unable to move in just her (once) white socks.

The scene of the crime.
Next time we remember these stories, I will be sure to add at the end that this is not something that is pleasant or good for the two year old. Or for momma!


Joyce said...

The boys probably just wanted to share an important part of family culture with Ava. Kind of an initiation, maybe.

Her 'upset' face is classic. :)

Rebecca M said...

Oh! Hahahahaa! This is so funny!!!

I think it's hilarious that your boys wanted re-enact this story and that rather than Ethan re-sticking himself in the mud, they chose Ava!

Those family stories are priceless, really. They help to define us a little as a family, don't they?

I'm glad you are clean and warm now, Ava Ruth!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is hilarious. Oh, Ava Ruth. She is just too precious.

-Aunt Helen

Anonymous said...

This is a great story, Amy. You'll be so glad you documented it with pictures years from now.

And I would be Ava, all grumpy in the tub. I don't like being dirty, either.

Al said...

you should probably post a "this is mud" sign...

Shannon said...

LOL!! Poor Ava - as a younger sister of older brothers myself, poor Ava has a lot more in store for her! :) Loved the story and pics :)

laura said...

I have a similar memory of my younger brother Michael getting stuck in the mud when we lived at the house on Double Ditch road in Lynden.

It's an important part of childhood--getting stuck in mud and living to tell about it!

Anonymous said...

My second comment on this post, bear with me. Mike's "how could you possibly disagree with me" look on the sidebar looks TOTALLY like Ava, with her grumpy tub look. Look at the eyes....Wow!! She's got Mike's eyes grumpy eyes look! Sweet!!

amy said...

Marmee! You are right! How funny.