Friday, June 25, 2010

a visit to the civil war

Mike took the boys on a field trip to learn about the Civil War a few months ago.

They had a blast going from station to station with a group of homeschoolers learning all about that time in history.

They of course loved all things weapons.

As I was looking trough the pictures of the many field trips we took this year, I loved seeing how many of them had Aidan raising his hand. He is just like Mike when it comes to asking questions in order to fully learn about a subject.

While standing at this station, Ethan raised his hand to ask, "How big are your guns?" That, my friends is an example of wanting to hear yourself talk more than needing an answer to a question!
They also learned about sending secret messages using quilt patterns, make-shift hospitals and some of the complexities of the conflict.

It is field trips like this one that make me so thankful that we live in an area with such a large homeschooling community. So many opportunities. And we love that we get to learn all together. What a treat!

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