Saturday, June 5, 2010

I think it was in January

So we haven't really been blogging lately. Actually, both Mike and I have written the beginning of a few different posts here and there and then left them unfinished as drafts. Because our days have a lot to offer and the interruptions are many. No big deal really --in the scheme of things.

We went on a week long vacation the week before last. As we were uploading those pictures, we began looking at pictures from events past that we still would like to chronicle. At least a bit.

One such event was a wonderful little vacation we took to Lake Chelan with our great friends. They have condos there and were so gracious to share with us. We had a great time. There was a little snow on the ground so we were able to get in a some sledding.

We did other things too. We enjoyed hanging out with all the kids during the day, hanging out just the adults in the evening, playing bingo, and swimming at the indoor pool each day. We did enough to tire out the little guys. So much so that Ethan fell asleep standing up one night.

Good food always helps E-bo recover. This is one he made up on his own, knowing the evil of carbs (it is two sausage patties with scrambled eggs between). He named it "The Trader Jobes sandwich." I typed that right. We have been shopping at Trader Jobes ever since. We plan to never let it go.

One of the biggest highlights for everyone was a scavenger hunt created by Bob. He planted items down on the beach and after explaining the rules, and dividing the kids into two teams, he handed out a list of items for them to find. They had a blast.

It all culminated with this last tractor to find. And we all worked together to search for it.

With Mikey victorious in the end.

It was such a hit that as we were packing for our summer vacation, Ethan asked if we were going to do Bob's scavenger hunt again.
Thanks to Bob and Rebecca for such a great time!


Stacy said...


That scavenger hunt sounds like something Mark would plan. :) I love the teams~ and that photo of a team searching.

Love it that you had a new post up!

Cutzi said...

Ahhh.. E-bo. Love it. You know I have no problem with calling it Trader Jobes. I better go buy some stock.

Rebecca M said...

The tree we circled round and round
The melting snows lay in a mound
We are so glad that you are found
Oh little tractor on the ground was really cold out there!

So fun to see these pics! We had a wonderful time with you all!

amy said...

Rebecca! What a terrific little diddy!