Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my scouts

It has been a good year of cub scouts for Aidan and Luke.

Luke completed his first year with a lot of which to be proud. Aidan accomplished all that he needed to now be a webelo. I am pleased with the group we are a part of and all that my boys have received from their involvement.

Many opportunities for fun, learning, exercise and field trips.

It has also been neat to become closer with friends.

Luke is excited to start his second scout year as a wolf.

And Aidan looks forward to the many adventures planned for webelos.

Great job boys!


Jamie~Lynn said...

Nice job, boys... Love the pics!

Rebecca M said...

Congratulations Aidan and Luke! Scouting looks like so much fun.

Amy, I'm loving all these posts! Good work!!

Stacy said...

That's a *great* picture of the Jonson family!

Great job, boys- on your Scout accomplishments!