Wednesday, June 16, 2010

friends for a year

These two. The pictures in which our friend's daughter Xochi and Justus are wearing green were taken three months ago. I can't believe how much their personalities have changed in just three months!

Being able to get around changes things a lot for a baby.

Justus and Xochi have been friends from birth. Cutzi and I love to compare and contrast their bodies and personalities, something we've had a lot of experience at with our girls.

The non-green set of pictures are from Xochi's one year birthday party. They sure did interact with one another differently. It is like they finally noticed each other. Xochi, in true girl style is interested in communicating.

Justus on the other hand, as most boys I know, is more interested in wrestling!

Sorry about that Xochi.


Stacy said...

They are adorable, both of them. The fairness of Justus' skin compared to those deep olive tones of Xochi's is *such* a contrast. Reminds me of what I see every day in my own home.

Isn't it fun that we all get to raise children together? We are so blessed!

(ps~ I commented back to you on my blog post.)

(pps~ I love it that you have a new post up here about every day, now. You GO, girl!) :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love Xochi's wrist folds. And now...another photo shoot needs to be scheduled for a diapers- or onesie-only scenario so we can admire as much baby chub as possible. Make it happen, Mike!


Anonymous said...

You know... on second thought - that may just be Justus going in for a passionate open-mouth kiss.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Aunt Helen, you're funny!

Rebecca M said...

Hi sweet babies!

You two are adorable together!

And, Amy, I am really enjoying your frequent posting, too! Nice work!