Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my baby

Justus aka (J-bear) will be turning one at the end of next week. I know all moms say this, but I really, truly can not believe that a year has gone by already. At the same time, I can not believe that just a year ago he was not part of our lives!

Anyway, I need to get some pictures of this guy up here before he changes much more.

He is quite possibly the cutest baby boy ever.

I am so incredibly grateful that he is such a cuddle-er. I have had baby boys who would not stop to cuddle because they were so busy. J-bear is a busy and active guy but he always has time for a cuddle with momma!

And we will probably be sorry one day but for now the sight of him sucking his thumb is adorable.

Mike and I joke that we don't hold/carry Justus, we wrestle with him. And it does not make it any easier that he is a very big & heavy boy. We don't think this will change much as he eats a LOT!

Justus gives us so much to laugh about and we are truly thankful for the incredible blessing of being a part of his family.


Stacy said...

He's adorable, of course. Great pictures, as always- but my favorites are the first one and the sink shot where you can see his dimples so clearly.

I can't believe he's almost one. Seriously? Aack!

Cutzi said...

Awww.... Happy almost birthday Justus! (I just typed Justin and had to delete it)

I cannot believe what a combination of your entire family he is. In so many ways he reminds me of Ava. But his chest and shoulders! Buff like Ethan! How much is he weighing now? Can't wait to get he and Xochi side by side for a little comparison.

And I am love, love, loving what a cuddler Xochi is too. And maybe it's because she is my third, but I am cherishing our cuddle time so much. So many of the things you said reminded me of her.

Carolynn said...

Yes he is adorable! I love his little cowlick, it looks so much like the other boys. My favorite is with the wet hair in the sink. Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

My favorite of these is the one in the sink where you can see his little teeth. And the one of him sucking his thumb in your arms is pretty wonderful also. I have said it before but I definitely want to reiterate that what needs to happen is a photo-shoot with Justus and Xochi. Maybe in just diapers so we can see their chubby legs. Get on it, Mike!


Kamille Corrina said...

He is incredibly cute. I too cannot believe he's already approaching a year. Love love love those dimples. I began seeing Luke in him and then Ethan and then I gave up and saw the whole Holister family. Good genes!

Rebecca M said...

Sweet boy! Are you almost 1 already?!

You have some beautiful pictures here- my favorites are the ones of his super blue eyes.

Sending hugs and slobbers from your friend James!

Jess O. said...

The pictures of him in the sink are a-dor-able! Oh, and I think he has a pretty great name, AND a pretty great mommy too! :)