Sunday, July 26, 2009

sweet luke

Luke is such a sweet, thoughtful boy. The other morning, Luke came into my room announcing that there was a surprise for me in the kitchen.
This is what I found:
Luke had gone to the garden first thing in the morning to harvest one container of peas, one container of beans and two cups filled with buttercups.
He set it all up on the counter with these notes.
What a dear. Luke was not content with just giving these gifts, he also checked with me several times that day to make sure I was eating and enjoying this harvest.

Here is a picture of Luke being a kind and gentle big brother.
Luke loves Justus and shows him with care. Justus is pretty happy with his big brother too.
Later this same day, I took the kids to a parade where they scored a bunch of candy. Luke left two pieces of his loot on top of a note that said "Daddy" next to Mike's pillow. Mike came home at midnight from a business trip to find this act of love.

That Lukers, he's a lover!


Rebecca M said...

I love this, Amy! Especially the picture of your happy Justus in Luke's arms. I'm so glad to know these little men of yours, all of them!
Way to go, Luke, for seeking out ways to bless those around you!

Anonymous said...

Love, love this post! He sure knows the way to a woman's heart (at least to mine) -- fresh produce from the garden! Such wonderful boys you guys are raising. Nice work.

Aunt Helen

Stacy said...

Cute! He is thoughtful!

I love that young man of yours!

Jeff Timberwolf said...

He is so sweet it makes me misty-eyed. How wonderful for you as the mama to see his character being formed by Christ.


Colleen said...

So sweet! That's the kind of thing my "Lukers" would do, too.