Saturday, July 18, 2009

an afternoon with friends

... just because it's been a while since we posted some pictures. And Aunt Helen probably needs a fix.

We spent a schorching day with some friends.

It was all about long-time friends...

... and soon-to-be long-time friends.

And ice cream.

For everyone.

Then I let Aidan shoot some pictures.

I think he did a good job compensating for the camera's tendency to underexpose the subject here due to the strong backlighting, but he really needs to work on his raport with his model.

He liked this one because he caught his brother in motion.

It was pretty hot. After ice cream, we retreated to back our friends' house for some shady quiet. While Justus nursed, Aidan read a book to Ebo and Steele.

I guess it was a good book because it started to draw a crowd.

Pretty soon they had maxed out the couch.

Just a fun afternoon and some fun pictures. Especially this last one. This was my favorite picture of the day. Isn't she adorable? I think out of all my friends' kids she probably likes me the most too. And she likes to smile for my camera. So this is probably not the last picture you'll see on here of Aida Moon.


Stacy said...

Great picture of the girls (both older and younger girls!)

I've given up trying to figure out where they are in that indoor picture with the chalkboard wall. (?)

And I love Ethan's face in that final picture on the couch.

Fun friends!

Jodi said...

Look at those hot mamas! Yowzers!

These pictures are so great! I loved every single one.

Cutzi said...

It was great, wasn't it?

Like I said today - all these wonderful pictures make me feel bad that I was grumping around about Adia's dress getting dirty. Just takes some good photography to put life in perspective. ;-)

Thanks for the great pics Mike - can you e-mail the one of Adia and the one of Amy and I?

Cutzi said...

Actually, just e-mail them all. I just went back and looked at them. ;-)

And Stacy.... that's my house! Which makes me realize you've never been here - you'll have to come over some time!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff! It definitely helped me get my fix/set the bar high for this splendor to continue on a regular basis. So... in advance, thanks for hooking me up. I love the two sets of beautiful ladies together. Those are adorable. And I like how huge Luke's feet look in the third of the series. And tell Aidan props for his efforts.

-Aunt Helen

Stacy said...


I considered that. (It being your house.) But I thought if you had such a cute chalkboard wall you SURELY would have blogged about it. And I've not seen a post on that. (Unless I missed one?)

Time to do a tour-of-your-home post.