Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and what have the other kids been up to lately?

I mentioned in my last post that Justus' most favorite thing to do is nurse. This has meant that things have been a little different around here as momma is in a chair a lot of the day helping Justus get a full tummy.

What have the other kids been doing during this time? A lot of fun things outside the house actually: swimming at the pool with Daddy & Grandma D., swimming lessons, golf camp, cub scout camp, a fourth of July picnic & golfing with daddy have been a lot of fun these past two weeks. And these deserve their own post.

While at home, I have seen the kids be really creative about coming up with activities to do while I nurse. Here are a few of which I managed to get pictures.

First and most obvious, playing all sorts of imaginative games outside. Here is Aidan day-dreaming on the trampoline.

Then there are the fun ways in which one can do chores. Ethan's job is to put away the clean silverware.

Here is an Ethan tip for you. It is more fun if you use an empty paper towel tube as a chute through which you can drop the silverware into place.

Ta-Da! Nice work E-Bo.

Ava enjoys the past time of dressing herself. Many times a day.

Note the shirt & pants (and under-ware too) are all on backwards.

Luke thought it would be fun to wrap "birthday presents." I told him he could use a roll of wrapping paper and the kids spent a greater part of a couple days wrapping up their toys and giving them to one another.

Whatever I paid for that paper was money well spent!

I also got a shot of Aidan talking on the phone with Aunt Helen and Cousin Shannon who were in Slovenia (I think... or was it Croatia?)at the time. Talking on the phone with them was enjoyed by all the kids. Aunt Helen, this pic is for you!

Ethan and Ava both can spend a great deal of time watering my plants for me.

One cup full at a time!

And Ava especially can be amused (for a LONG) time by being asked to clean things.

She loves to clean (I think because she was watched and helped me do so much of it) and she is actually quite competent at it!

For the record, she saw this seat in the bathtub and asked to clean it. It was her idea, not mine.

I love how they always have a great time no matter what they are doing. It is a good thing too, because I need to go nurse again!


Stacy said...

Loved all those pictures.

The wrapping paper is a great idea, especially if you can get Ava to clean up all the wrapping paper scraps for you! :)

I can't believe how tan Ava is getting!

Ethan's creativity reminds me of Isaac's when he does chores. :)

Rebecca M said...

I love that Ava enjoys her cleaning projects so much. I have to say that I've found similar enthusiasm in Mercy when it comes time to tidy up or wash or sweep.

Little mommies in training!

Anonymous said...

Man! Are these guys (and girl) getting big or what! Ava looks so tall. And I love the picture of Aidan The Conversationalist sprawled out on the couch. And the creativity of Luke and Ethan. So much fun. Thanks for the pictorial update.

-Aunt Helen

Joyce said...

The gift wrapping activity brought back so many memories! Our children used to enjoy doing that as well. Have the children tried setting up little stores with their things priced and "for sale"? That takes a lot of time to set up and play, and can be enjoyed for many days. :)