Tuesday, July 21, 2009

justus, baptized

Last Lord's Day we baptized Justus. Pastor Kevin preached a wonderful sermon about why we baptize and how we are to view our children.

It was very special for us.

We happened to taking pictures for the Church directory. AND we happened some of our best friends in the world present for this occasion.

Ava warmed up the "studio" which was actually a couple flashes, cheap umbrellas and a very wrinkley sheet.

Ava warmed up the sheet.

We snaged pictures of our friends in front of the sheet. No blog for these folk, but we fit very well with them.

And of course you know these friends.

And these folk often make appearances on here.

And this ravashing lady is my own dear mother, looking rather fetching in front of the wrinkly sheet.

After the service and pictures, we headed out to our place for a barbeque.

You'll have to bear with me as I was busy cooking; all we have are pictures my mom took. But she had some good ones. Unfotunately no pics of the burgers. They were pretty good. I still have some room for improvement. But the grilled onions really make these things sing.

A great battle ensued.

This pictures kills me. That backswing is totally past parrallel. No wonder I've been chunking it so much lately.

Maybe super-E-bo can save my swing.


Anonymous said...

Great shot of Mom and nice work on the family portraits. I love all the little girls in their summer dresses. And Cutzi and Stacy rocking those those pretty turquoise necklaces. And Audra making sure that everyone gets to see her foot. And, of course, Super E-Bo.

-Aunt Helen

Cutzi said...

These pictures capture the day beautifully! We are so thankful that we get to be a part of these family celebrations! What a blessing!

I especially love the picture of your mom and of course, the one of Steelio and E-bo sword fighting.

You are too humble in your assessment of the burgers Mike. I've been talking about them for days and have considered hiring you out to make them for our next baptism. (Why is it, by the way, that you spell baptize and baptized with a "z" but baptism with an "s"? Odd.)

And where was your assistant when I needed that stray hair on the top of my head adjusted????

Stacy said...

YAY! Happy Baptism-day, Justus!

Wow. So much to love, here.

Great close-up of Erik and Stephanie and family!

And I think Cutzi and family always take great picture (Um... Cutzi? Do you *ever* not look great in a photo?) As for the stray hair, I promise you I did not see that from my angle. I was trying to be an assistant of sorts since you helped with my girls' dresses. But I didn't see it. Surely Mike can photoshop that out, though, if you need him to.

Not only do I love that picture of your mom, but the fact that you used the word "fetching".

I'm sad we couldn't be there for the BBQ... :( Especially sad I missed those burgers. It's not like you, Mike- not to tell us EXACTLY what was on the burgers and EXACTLY what made them so good. So come on, divulge. Just grilled onions? What else?

[We've been doing the sliced red onions sauteed in brown sugar and butter (PW-style) and that's our new favorite burger topping.]

Okay, I'm sure I'll think of something else I forgot to add when I go scan through those pictures one more time, but for now, that's all I've got.

Oh! Thank you for taking our picture! We're cute.

Marmee said...

Mike, you take awesome pictures. Really! If you ever were wondering if you could make it as a professional photographer, I think the proof is in the pudding. Thanks SO MUCH for doing the church pics. You rock!

Oh, and congrats on Justus' baptism. It WAS a fun day!

Great burgers, too, regardless of how they might be "better" next time. Kevin was still talking about them on Monday, so, there!!

Rebecca M said...

Hooray for Justus' Baptism Day! And hooray for good friends and family (and burgers) to celebrate with! At our church, when children are baptized, the congregation is asked if they agree to help in the spiritual raising of the child (or something close to that).

I love the resounding "We Will!" that follows and the community of believers that are present with us as we raise up these blessings God has given into our care.

Rebecca M said...

Oh and really fun family pictures, Mike!

Anyone with small children knows that a large percentage of good group shots of kids depends on great kid wrangling skills.

And a nice wrinkly sheet, of course!

Cutzi said...

Heh heh. I'm just re-reading these comments to see if Mike has yet agreed to make burgers for Xochi's baptism....

and I noticed Stacy's comment. Funny - I completely forgot that you were assisting! I was making a joke about how Mike should have an assistant. Don't worry, Stacy - but I think you're right - Mike should be able to Photoshop that right out of there.