Friday, March 6, 2009

a fount of wisdom

Sometimes I wonder how other families get along without their own Ebo.

If a good tree bears good fruit, there must be a forest of full of "huh?" trees inside our Ebo. In order to remember this, we wrote down three things that he said. Keep in mind that these three things were said within a span of about 30 minutes. And it's not as if Ethan turned off the wisdom spigot at that point. It flows daily at our house.

[Ethan had worn his mother's shoes out into the family room because when his sister Ava does it, it's funny/cute. It's more funny/weird when he does it, but that's not the point of the story. I walk by and notice the spectacle out of the corner of my eye on my way into the kitchen. Also, keep in mind that all the boys are very much into Star Wars right now.]

Ebo, yelling into the kitchen: Daddy, I'm wearing momma's shoes!

Me: Yes, I know, I saw that.

Ebo, running into the kitchen: Daddy, how did you know? Did you use the force to see me?

[Sitting at the dinner table, we have a nice discussion about how Luke actually got to see the baby (inside momma's tummy) kick this afternoon and how special that is.]

The rooster crows.

Ebo: Momma, I just heard the baby kick.

And he's completely serious.

[About 10 mintues after that we're having a discussion about how momma get's scared sometimes with scary books or movies with real bad guys in them.]

Ethan offers: Momma, you don't have to be scared--the only real bad guys are giants [pause for effect] and monsters.

Again, he's not trying to be funny.

You don't have to ask Ethan to pose for these pictures. This is just what he does naturally.


Stacy said...

The rooster one?


I love that boy of yours.

Kamille said...

Yes I don't know how any family could survive without an Ebo.